Bob Weir

bob weir

Bob Weir is a member of the Grateful Dead. Bob Weir is known for an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He began playing the guitar at the age of thirteen. He meant John Perry Barlow and Robert Hunter at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado. In 1963 Weir was hanging out in the back alleys of Palo Alto were he came across Jerry Garcia. That night Bob and Jerry played music together and decided they would form a band. Bob Weir played rhythm guitar and some lead vocals.

bob weirIn 1970 Weir started using the technique known as slide guitar, this technique allowed for continuous transitions in pitch and very its vibrating length. Bob Weir became notorious for his distinctive rhythm and the finest guitarists. Bob Weir wrote a number of important songs which included: The other one, Sugar Magnolia, Playing in the band, and Throwing Stones. Weir was the Grateful Dead psychedelic hybrid of genres and was the endless of improvisation. Weir’s role of rhythm player is what gave force and color to the music. It has been reported that Weir is recognized for his profound shape on the sound for the Grateful Dead band. The Grateful Dead was Weir’s primary band. Weir soon found himself increasingly in the position as bandleader due to Jerry Garcia's dependence on drugs increased.

bob weir More importantly Weir style of guitar was a specific response to the situation of the Grateful Dead. Weir unique style of complex voice leading brought unusual dept and a new approach to the role of rhythm guitar expression. Weir invigorated the crowd and created musical momentum with his periodic guitar moves. Weir is keeping the music alive with the band Rat Dog. In 2002 he signed as an official supporter of the Little Kids Rock Organization. Still today he brings the musical sprit to a different level and keeps the deadhead sprit alive.